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Monday, November 17, 2008

Magnets, Magnets, Magnets

I promised to have some pictures of the magnets I received in the swap I was in over the weekend so here they are. These are some really great ideas. Perhaps I will have to have a magnet class in the near future!

This magnet was made by Carol Ann. She used a jumbo paper clip and the Deer Friends stamp set.

This Notes magnet was created by Glenda Travelstead. Glenda is from the US and she was one of the guest speakers. She used designer paper to create this cute note holder.

This magnet was created by Pat Duggan. She did everyone's initial out of chipboard and covered it with designer paper. She then attached a flat marble to it. This is my favourite magnet that I received!

This magnet was created by Donna Henley. She used a small tile and then adhered the Chunky glitter to the sides to create a sparkly holiday magnet.

This last magnet was created by Erika Toet. She used a clip which looks a lot like a clothespin however the magnet was already attached to the back. I will have to find out where she got them.

And now for the fun part. In recognition of my 5oth post on here, I am going to give away a prize. Leave a comment on my blog telling me which magnet is your favourite. Just click on 'comment' at the end of this message (you need to be on my blog page to do that). On Friday I will choose a winner and they will receive one of my CD Calendar magnets that I created for this swap.


Anonymous said...

hey i found the spot to comment! my favourite magnet is the one using the jumbo clip, not just because it was invented by "Carol Ann" but also because I love the idea of how it holds papers or a photo. thanks for sharing those ideas with us Shilo!
Carol Ann

Lori said...

This Notes magnet that was created by Glenda Travelstead is my favourite. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

My favourite is the jumbo clip by Carol Ann as it has a variety of uses...

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